Louisiana EMS Programs

National EMS Academy

Become a Medic in Louisiana

A Career in EMS


The National EMS Academy maintains six campuses in Louisiana. Depending on the facility, EMT and paramedic training is available for individuals interested in beginning a career in EMS. Regularly scheduled refresher courses and other continuing education opportunities are also available.

National EMS Academy

EMT Programs

Entry-Level Medical Services


In 3-4 months, you can learn the skills you will need to work as part of a medical response team. EMTs provide basic emergency medical care and transportation to patients who access the EMS system. Medics make a difference, every day.

National EMS Academy
National EMS Academy

Paramedic Programs

Advanced Life Support Care


Paramedics are healthcare professionals providing the highest level of care available outside of a hospital. Paramedics work under the supervision of a physician through written protocols or online guidance to extend advanced life support care to the sick and injured.