Academy History

National EMS Academy

Top-Notch Education

With grant funding from the Department of Labor and the Department of Economic Development, the National EMS Academy was established in 2003 to meet the demands of a nationwide paramedic shortage. The Academy is an educational partnership between Acadian Ambulance Service, South Louisiana Community College and Texas A&M Engineering Extension Service with the primary objective of providing the education and training necessary for individuals seeking to enter the emergency medical services industry.

Each year, NEMSA continues to exceed the national average pass rate for EMTs and paramedics. In 2014, NEMSA’s pass rate surpassed the national average for EMTs, 86% to 75%, and paramedics 88% to 85%. With six campuses in Louisiana and three in Texas, the Academy has trained almost 2% of all new nationally registered paramedics in the nation and has produced 3,428 EMTs and 1,490 paramedics since its inception in 2003.

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Filling a Need

Award-Winning Training

The National EMS Academy was designed to offer a rewarding career path for students while addressing the large and constant shortage of emergency medical technicians. The goal was to provide a cost-effective educational opportunity to the public where the end result produced high quality, fully competent and caring paramedics.

“Our vision, from day one, was to be the leading resource for EMS education, research, and curricula development in the nation.” — NEMSA Director Taylor Richard

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