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National EMS Academy Education Coordinator Chris Ebright National EMS Academy Education Coordinator Chris Ebright is a nationally recognized speaker and often shares his expertise with industry leaders in emergency medical services. Chris speaks nationally at some of the top EMS and public safety conferences, presenting medical education to first responders, nurses, and doctors.

He will speak at the upcoming Eastern Oregon EMS Conference on February 15-18 in Pendleton, Oregon, and will instruct a number of classes including Pediatric Sepsis, The Day the Blue Bloater met the Pink Puffer and In an Instant. Other upcoming conferences include the South Carolina EMS Conference, the Newport EMS Conference, and the Initial Assessment Conference.

Chris graduated Cum Laude in 1992 with a Bachelor of Education degree from the University of Toledo in Ohio and spent 13 years as the lead EMS Instructor at the university. In 2008, he began working at MedCorp Inc., as the EMS Training Program Director. He began his career with Acadian Companies in 2010 as an instructor for the National EMS Academy and teaches out of the Covington, Louisiana, campus.

He has provided pre-hospital emergency care, ranging from primary EMS response to critical care transportation for over 23 years. In addition, Chris has educated first responders, EMT, paramedic students, as well as nurses and doctors for over 22 years.

With decades of experience, Chris is an ideal speaker for medical and EMS conferences and offers a wealth of knowledge for industry professionals. He has become a reputable expert in the field of emergency medical services, averaging 16 national conferences per year. His lecture topics range from common scenarios such as treating fractures to more specific, such as treating children with special needs, transporting patients with suspension trauma, and addressing patients with psychological disorders such as phobias or schizophrenia.