Lafayette, LA (October 11, 2018) — Leaders from South Louisiana Community College (SLCC), National EMS Academy (NEMSA), its parent company, Acadian Companies, and the community-at-large gathered together to celebrate fifteen years of excellence in emergency medicine education. Since July 7, 2003, NEMSA and SLCC have provided entry-level, advanced and continuing education courses for EMS career pathways across Louisiana.

The partnership developed as a way to meet growing emergency medical transportation demands in the state. “In the 1990s, we tried many approaches to meet this need,” said NEMSA Continuing Education Manager Richard Belle. “As Acadian Ambulance continued to grow, we did what Acadian always does when a challenge arises – we leveraged technology and people to address the problem.” Governor Mike Foster designated SLCC as the academic partner, and Acadian’s board of directors approved the plan in late 2002. 

Today, NEMSA produces more than 300 EMTs and 120 paramedics each year, has one of the highest pass rates in the nation and has expanded to serve the Texas market. The collaboration with SLCC has been instrumental in this growth. “The partnership between Acadian Companies and SLCC is a win-win,” said SLCC Chancellor Dr. Natalie Harder. “We are providing training that helps to fill workforce needs in our communities, and our paramedics and EMTs are providing life-saving care, in many instances, right here in our community. This is a great partnership.”

At the ceremony this morning, NEMSA Director Kirk Lacour thanked SLCC for the work they’ve done to make NEMSA the success it is. “The key to a great partnership is the willingness of all parties to hear each other, participate and work toward a common goal. Our goal is to leverage technology to fulfill the growing need for EMS professionals in the state. With our team of dedicated individuals from both Acadian and SLCC, I am confident in our ability to work collaboratively to develop programs that achieve this goal.”

At the event, NEMSA also demonstrated its new online education portal. The system will allow EMS students from across the nation and around the world to work on their certifications through NEMSA.

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